Classic Pack

Classic Pack


Simply The Bees Knees Classic Pack has 2 large 30 cm wraps, 1 medium 30cm x 20 cm wrap and a trio of minis 10cm  x 20cm wraps. A great starter pack and ideal for everyday use.  


Choose the design of the large and medium wraps - and we will choose your trio of minis to complement them!


More about BeesWax Wraps:

Beeswax Wraps are a reusable clingfilm/eco wrap which is a natural food wrap which can be used multiple times replacing your plastic clingfilm for fabric clingfilm - beating the single use plastic nightmare. 


Say no to plastic and yes to sustainable wraps which are handmade, natural and the best alternative to clingfilm. 


What's the material? Beeswrap cotton, likened to a bee muslin. Used for food storage, lunches, jar covers and much more!


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