A handmade candle, with a long lasting rich warm glow. What a lovely gift!

Recycle with us and receive a discount! If you return your empty jar, we will refill and return it to you at a discounted price, send us your old jar by clicking here to get in touch.

Our Beeswax Candles burn at least twice as long as the parrafin candles but without any petrochemicals, lead wicking or plastic wraps. Our Beeswax Candles are ideal to burn in the home as they reduce negative ions and naturally purify the air. Beeswax is a perfect diffuser hence these candles are all naturally scented with essential oils, to evenly release a beautiful healthy aroma into your atmosphere.

Not all beeswax is the same colour, depending on how the bees have been foraging or feeding
beeswax it can be either darker or yellower. This does not affect the quality of the beeswax candle
and has the same impact on honey too.


Each of our candles are individually made from handfiltered beeswax specifically to your order.
Then these are carefully packaged using fully sustainable reusable packaging and shipped directly to you. Please allow 3-5 days for us to hand make your order.

Our Candles come in Cherry, Vanilla Jasmine, Lavender and of course our very first and original product Just Beeswax. Giving a rich natural amber glow and a long lasting burn we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy your own handmade candle.

We also offer our very own range of

 Baby Shower Candles


 Lavender and Jasmine

At Simply The Bees Knees we love a baby and we understand the journey of pregnancy only too well. If you know a mum to be and wish to purchase one of our Baby Shower Candles we would be happy to personalise the label design with the either Baby Boy, Baby girl or Baby; Surname for you.

Knowing that Lavender and Jasmine are both relaxing sleep aiding and anxiety reducing these unique candles are a loving and thoughtful gift for both mum and baby. Add any personalisations requirements with your order and leave the rest to us.