Our Story

  Simply the Bees Knees  

We are all about the bees. They are an incredible life giving force and they serve our delicate eco system in an incredibly intricate and vital way. We produce our own honey and wax, from our very own bees, however due to demand we also work directly with local beekeepers purchasing both the honey and the wax a natural by product of their labours to create genuine handmade products that provide a healthy alternative to plastic wherever possible. 

All products are handmade. Simply the Bees Knees works hard to choose the designs and create a truly unique product!

Simply the Bees Knees Founder - Sarah Evans

Simply the Bees Knees is a family run business

  Helping the Planet  

We are using Beeswax to say no to single use plastics as it's time to clear up our ocean and our planet. We too were shocked by #Blueplanet2. Its time to take action one step at a time... why not start with a BeesWax Wrap?

Here is an excerpt from Blue Planet 2 Produce Sarah Conner:

"There would rarely be a dive where I wouldn't find some form of plastic from a thread of plastic fishing line, sweet wrappers or plastic bottles," assistant producer Sarah Conner told Newsbeat.

"When in the open ocean on the boat, if we noticed rubbish while in transit we would do our best to stop and pick it up, just as anyone who cares for the ocean would hopefully do."

Plastics entangle many creatures in the ocean, and in Sunday's episode, viewers will see how a hawksbill turtle gets caught up in a plastic sack. Fortunately on this occasion, camera operator Rafa Herrero Massieu managed to release the turtle, and it swam away unharmed.

"Some scientists think that entanglement in marine plastic is the most significant welfare threat of human origin in the ocean," says executive producer, James Honeyborne.

"In some cases it can also be a conservation threat to entire populations."